Gateway to Happiness 9/20/20

Contrary to popular belief, Christians are called to be happy people. Christians should not be judgmental, mean, intolerant, hypocrites. Jesus preached that we should rejoice and be glad for the reward is great in Heaven. The Apostle Paul tells us to rejoice in the Lord multiple times. In other words, Christians are happy. We also see this from David in Psalms 32:1-11. The main theme in this passage is that forgiveness is the key to happiness.

The historical context around David seeking forgiveness and learning to rejoice is that he had just committed sin with Bathsheba. As if his adultery wasn’t enough, he sent Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, to his death in battle in an attempt to cover up his sin. David had reached a low point in his life. Yet God’s grace stepped in and taught David a few lessons.

Lesson number 1 – Living with guilt keeps you from being happy

David lived with the knowledge and guilt that he not only committed adultery, but he also committed murder. The guilt was overwhelming him (Psalm 38:4). Like David recognized, we cannot live a healthy life holding onto our guilt. It prohibits you from moving forward.

Lesson number 2 – Confession is the first step to happiness

Psalm 51:1-6 teaches us about sin. Sin has four different ways to be seen: rebellion, falling short, iniquity, and evil. When you have sinned, no matter the way, you need to make a genuine confession. “Sorry, not sorry” doesn’t cut it. Your confession must be God-centered, meaning you view your sin in the same way God does. Confession, when done honestly, has a way of melting guilt and shame away from you.

Lesson number 3 – Happy people find their security only in God

Said another way, secure people are happy people. Security comes from a deep understanding of who you are in Christ. There is no more fear, doubt or insecurity with Jesus. When you are right with God, His peace and happiness take over. Nothing fulfills you like Jesus. 

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