Picture of Confidence 5/10/20

Picture of Confidence

The Book of Judges highlights a very frustrating theme and struggle within the Israelites. This theme was circular in nature. It would start with idolatry, followed by punishment from God, followed by the Israelites repenting, then the Israelites would be delivered. The problem the Israelites had during this period is that they were only transformed religiously (temporarily) versus being spiritually revived (permanently). This cycle continued numerous times with new Judges arising to meet the need of the people; leading the people to repentance. This is where we find Deborah. She was stepping up to lead Israel during a period of idolatry and leading Israel to full repentance with God.

God is loving and gracious to his people, even during a period of sin. Deborah (Judges 4:1-10, 14-15) was raised and used by God to lead and judge his people. She was a woman of extreme confidence. Not the kind of confidence one has in themselves because of a belief in their own ability, but a type of godly confidence that can only be found when someone knows God intimately. Deborah demonstrates three key pieces of knowledge and understanding within her relationship with God.

The first thing we learn through Deborah is that God will raise anyone up to fulfill His purposes. For example, in the society of the day, men were supposed to lead, but this was not occurring. Judges 5:7 points out that the men of Israel would not fight until Deborah lead the way. God raises up people for His purposes, not our purposes. If the leaders of the day (men) were not meeting His needs, he would raise up a woman who would. God is not a respecter of people. Many of the true leaders of the Bible were not perfect people. Their “perfection” came in the sense that they stepped up and out in faith and followed God’s plan. This is exactly what Deborah did! Deborah is teaching us today that there are many things that need to be finished. He is looking for people to lead, to fulfill His purposes. This leads us to the second point.

God is calling you to lead his people! God has placed the call to lead on every believer’s life. Deborah was a fierce leader. She had to be because times were tough, and she was a woman in male-driven society. She teaches us that what makes a good leader is not necessarily their skill or charisma, but their desire to willingly offer themselves to God for His people (Judges 5:2). Deborah offered herself sacrificially, like many women do today. 

The third thing we learn from Deborah is that God gives you bold insight of His victory. Deborah told Barak that the glory of the battle would not belong to him, but to her – a woman. She was declaring victory over the battle before it even occurred. She could only have this insight because of her relationship with God. Revelations 21:5-7 gives insight into the ultimate victory for a believer. We are part of His eternal victory, which is not just about today, but eternity. God does not leave his children without knowledge and insight. He has provided it to us through the Bible and through his revelations to us through prayer and meditation.

Deborah was called upon by God to lead because no one else would. God gives us this opportunity today. We are all called upon to be leaders no matter your profession: mother, father, salesmen, accountants, janitors, Uber driver, data scientist, programmer. Will you step up like Deborah and be a leader for His glory?

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