Progress with God – 4/19/20

Progress with God

True progress is being with God not against him; acknowledging your frailties so God becomes the center of your life. As strong, smart, talented, and successful as you may be, you are nothing without God. Our pride has a way of getting in between us and God. God does not want to impede your ability to grow or progress. He wants you to go from glory to glory, strength to strength. But what does that look like?

Look at Genesis 4:16-26 to see two positions juxtapose each other. This story is really about the progress of two-family lines: Cain and Seth. In short, one family line wanted to show their worth their reliance upon themselves, through worldly advancement or progress. The other family chose to show their progress through glorifying God.

Progress is not a bad thing to want to see happen. However, it is bad when that progress is only about man and one’s belief that they are the only one responsible for it. That’s what the first part of our verse shows. Cain creates an image of progress apart from God. As a result of Cain’s “progress”, we can make three observations:

1.       Defiance of God – I can do this on my own

2.       Lust and perversion – lust of the flesh

3.       Pride – attempting to come to God on your terms, not His

Today, many inventions that were made in man’s own image to “help” humanity grow are now being used to keep people away from God, preventing real progress. This causes humanity to be about self; yet God opposes the proud. Progress reliant upon self is not real progress.

There is hope as we see true progress through Seth’s lineage. Seth’s mother, Eve, refused to give up hope that there would be progress. She realized that the promises of God do not happen through human effort, but only through God’s will. Through Seth, people began to rely upon the name of the Lord and not on them selves (v26). Seth recognized that sin was no mere imperfection of human nature, but something destined to destroy both the individual and culture unless it should be overcome by the grace and power of the almighty God. Seth also began to acknowledge two other things: they began to acknowledge their frailties and their dependence upon the Lord. Seth and his descendants began to call upon God as the personal, caring God, trusting Him fully. Placing God at the center of your life brings true progress, true transformation. You want to see real progress in your life? All you have to do is believe in God’s promises for your life as shown through the Bible.  

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