Jesus Is Incredible 3/18/20

Jesus is Incredible!

Really, when you think of it, we should be in awe of God. He is the creator of the universe and nothing is impossible for Him. Yet, too often we do not allow God to do great things in our lives. This may be because we get impatient, rely to heavily upon ourselves or we simply do not truly trust that God is who he says He is and can do great things. Take Luke 5:17-26 for example. We all know the story; Jesus is teaching, the room is overcrowded, so a few friends make a hole in the roof of the house to lower their friend down to be healed by Jesus. 

Now notice what Jesus does first; he does not heal the paralyzed man, he forgives this man’s sins. Jesus addresses the condition of this man’s heart first. People like to address symptoms, Jesus addresses the “virus” – sin – in our heart. Jesus knew that it was sin that was keeping this man from moving forward. This is true in our lives today. Too often we try to address the symptoms in our lives without addressing the real issue, sin. God does not expect you to be perfect, he knows you are not capable of that. What he does expect is for you to confess your sins to him. 

As if this was not enough, Jesus goes on to do something even more incredible. Not only does he address the heart of the Pharisees by asking them why they have such malice and contempt in their heart, but Jesus goes on to heal the paralyzed man. Jesus commands him to “…take up your mat and go home.”v24. Immediately the formerly paralyzed man gets up, goes home, singing God’s praises. 

See, nothing is impossible for Him. Sometimes we must wait what feels like an eternity for God to move in our lives, other times he moves quickly.  Jesus did something incredible in the blink of an eye for the paralyzed man: he forgave his sins and then healed his physical maladies. The crowd knew something incredible had been done as they said “We have seen remarkable things today.”v26. 

Jesus is incredible! Confess your sins and wait upon the Lord. God is the only one who has authority. God wants to bless you, but you need to be in relationship with him. Is Christ the priority in your life? Are you looking for Him to do incredible things? 

Full sermon by Pastor Armand on 3/15/20: Jesus is Incredible